Project Name:              B310 Chiller Replacement

Location:                      Fort Gordon, GA

Contract Amount:        $4.4M

Size:                              Not Applicable

CCCI PN:                       529


Owner:                           U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Design Professional:    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Project Description: Copper Construction Company, Inc. (CCCI) served as a mechanical and electrical subcontractor on this renovation project.  Work consisted of upgrading the three (3) existing failing chillers and pumps.  CCCI installed two (2) new 1,050-ton chillers and one (1) 500-ton chiller along with associated piping and controls.  We also replaced three (3) split-cased chilled water distribution pumps.  The electrical consisted of new medium voltage cable to the chillers and three (3) new VFDs to the chilled water pumps.  To perform this work while the plant remained operational, CCCI installed temporary chillers and piping.