Central Energy Plant Modernization

Project Name:             Central Energy Plant Modernization

Location:                     Fort Gordon, GA

Contract Amount:       $20.5M

Size:                             30,000 sq. ft.

CCCI PN:                     323


Owner:                         U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Design Professional: Stanley Consultants


Project Description:     Copper Construction Company, Inc. (CCCI) performed this mechanical renovation that consisted of installing four (4) 2,000-ton York chillers, an 8,000-ton cooling tower, three (3) 2,000-hp hot water generators, blow-down tank, sand filtration system, pumps, piping, insulation, and DDC controls.  The site consisted of installing a heating water piping system in a new concrete trench trough out the post.  The chilled water consisted of 120,000 ft. of new 4” thru 24” PVC chilled water piping with insulation and HPDE jacket.  The system was installed with brute PVC fittings and C905 butterfly valves.  CCCI tied the new chill water system into the existing buildings and added a VSP by-pass valve in all mechanical rooms.