Copper Construction Inc. is a successful commercial builder because of the predictability in the quality of their work. This allows for more availability of the needed labor. It also means that a good relationship with suppliers who learn that they can count on a certain volume of business. Similarly, banks and lending institutions enjoy working with Copper Construction Inc. who are predictable in keeping their word and commitments. We build delay days into tour project plans and schedules to insure schedules are kept and deadline dates are on time.  We always are up front with our client’s in order to exceed their expectations. Setting unrealistic expectations for completion can result in some very unpleasant consequences for buyer and builder alike. Quality is another key that Copper Construction Inc. never overlooks. Our goal is to always do it right the first time and if on occasion we don’t, we will make things right. We want to keep everyone up-to-date on the project status including, workers, sub-contractors, customers, banks, and building inspectors.