Project Name:              Replace Failed CW & HW Insulation

Location:                      Fort Gordon, GA

Contract Amount:       $800K

Size:                             Not Applicable

CCCI PN:                      472


Owner:                          U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Design Professional:   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Project Description: Copper Construction Company, Inc. (CCCI) served as a turn-key subcontractor on this mechanical renovation project.  Work included installing new high temperature heating water wraps for valves and flanges to allow the maintenance of gaskets.  CCCI removed all existing Armaflex insulation on the chilled water system and installation of new polyisocyanurate insulation with ASJ max jacket.  The chillers had areas where the Armaflex insulation was sagging and damaged. Copper repaired these areas with new Armaflex insulation.