Upgrades to Buildings 21715 & 21716

Project Name:            Upgrades to Buildings 21715 & 21716

Location:                    Fort Gordon, GA

Contract Amount:      $3.8M

Size:                            19,000+ sq. ft.

CCCI PN:                     459


Owner:                         U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Design Professional:  Pond & Company


Project Description:  Copper Construction Company, Inc. (CCCI) served as a major subcontractor on this renovation project.  CCCI teamed with Pond & Company for the design services.  CCCI and Pond worked closely together to meet the owner’s requirements for an energy efficient system that will accommodate the systems in the building while keeping cost with in CCCI’s budget.  CCCI performed the ceiling demolition, HVAC demolition, asbestos abatement, ceiling replacement hallways, hallway lighting, AHU’s, VAV’s, Chilled Water Piping, Heating Water Piping, HVAC Duct, Insulation, DDC, Controls, TAB, Commissioning, Power to HVAC Equipment, Polycarbonate Ceiling Tiles for security, and close-out. CCCI used most of the labor, subcontractors and suppliers from the local area which helped with contributing back to the local economy.